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Hand & Wrist Pain

Hand & Wrist Pain  Treatments at Tomás Ryan Physiotherapy in Thurles

Hand & Wrist Pain

Damage to any of the parts of your wrist can cause pain and affect your ability to use your wrist and hand.

Hand & Wrist Pain  Treatments in Thurles

The causes of hand and wrist pain can vary. For instance, the pain associated with osteoarthritis is sometimes compared to a dull toothache, whereas carpal tunnel syndrome typically results in tingling or a pins-and-needles sensation, especially at night. The precise location of your wrist pain can also reveal information about the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Wrist and hand pain can happen to anyone, whether you’re very sedentary, very active or somewhere in between. But your risk may be increased by: playing sports, repetitive work and certain diseases or conditions.

Wrist and hand pain physiotherapy treatment may involve among other things: sports taping, bracing, strengthening, stretching and mobilising tight tissues.

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