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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Treatments at Tomás Ryan Physiotherapy in Thurles

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is very common. The shoulder joint is a complex joint which moves in numerous directions.

Shoulder Pain Treatments in Thurles

Pain in your shoulder can stem from muscle and tendon damage, joint instability, dislocation, capsule tightness, radiculopathies, arthritis and/or neck joint dysfunction. As the shoulder joint is very mobile, a lot of the injuries we see start with a small pain that gets worse over time.

If that ache in your shoulder has gotten worse over the last few weeks or months or your shoulder has been painful when you lie on it, we are on hand to guide you back to full health. Our physiotherapist can provide an Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment to relieve that ache or pinch you are experiencing.

A recent study has shown surgery to be only marginally better than physiotherapy in the treatment of rotator tendon repair. Shoulder pain can be easily relieved with the right balance of manual therapy and strength training.

If you are suffering from shoulder pain or would like to learn more, contact Tomás Ryan Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic in Thurles today at 0504 26672.